There is a lot of buzz right now about petitions at for the peaceful secession, of now all fifty, states. The reaction has been mixed. I have seen comments along the lines of

Those proposing to secede should be kicked out of the country!”

A very emotional response, but to what? Would secession not get the people out of the country fast enough? Perhaps it is the “peaceful” aspect of the secession that is objectionable. Who knows? Other comments express a hopeful quality. Such that the person must truly believe there is a possibility that the President, with all his power and wisdom, will somehow magically grant their wish.

Realistically the ability to secede is, of course, a state right. People often point to the example of the American Civil War as a precedent for how states do not have such a right. That is simply ridiculous. War is violence and violence does not prove who’s position is stronger, only who’s forces are stronger. I must say I love how the war is most often referred to as the Civil War. It is such a beautiful manipulation (brain game). It makes one think that the war was civilized or that it was originally about civil rights rather than state rights. That however is a whole different article.

The petitions will not magically release the Federal Government’s despotic control or its contempt for the constitution and rule of law. A petition is an appeal. One does not beg for something from a public servant. The public servant serves as directed by the people or is removed from office. There has been far to little use the impeachment process and recall elections for rouge public servants.

What the petitions will do is what they are doing already, and that is foster public debate. It is encouraging to see so many people taking the time to think about and discuss the issues raised by the petitions.

It is also good to see that people have not lost their sense of humor. I wish Canada all the best in its efforts to secede. :-)

Peacefully grant Canada to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government
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