Joplin, MO (exactly one year ago today)

This can be the most challenging, and concurrently the most rewarding experience of your life. Ever wonder what it’s like to kick the dirt and walk along the street in a neighborhood that was completely erased by an EF+5 Tornado?
It’ll make you think in ways that reduce your fears and concerns in this present time to an almost deafening inner pulse; a heart-throbbing trance of inner dialogue, a concert of voices, all your past emotions and experiences, trying to comprehend the fact that something IS greater than yourself — you don’t run this show at all, sir. Something IS greater than yourself, but:

When will I meet it, or see it? …
When will it meet me, or will it see me first? …
Who will be walking on my empty streets when I’m gone?
What will be left on these streets after I’m gone that can remain; what should remain?

"It is truly breath-taking, what is possible for those who look defeat in the face and smile."

Hopefully, like me, you will ask these questions.

I have been finding answers, and they’re not quite what I expected.

This blog will explore the ever-unfolding chain of events of opportunity that have captured my attention.
Welcome to my empty streets. I hope you discover something you weren’t expecting!

Picture: Joplin, MO (exactly one year ago today)