DISD, the Dallas Independent School District, has been sited in North Texas local news for their attempt to provide more individualized education. Here is an example article Dallas Morning News: DISDs Opportuntity to Personalize Learning is Exciting but not Easily Done.

While this improvement in individualization is a laudable goal, the approach flawed.

A better way to provide more individualized education is to decentralize and to improve focus on education. Handicapping distractions such as delivering social and public health services need to be eliminated from educators responsibilities and delivered directly from entities where these services are the primary mission.

When educators are freed from well-meaning bureaucratic restrictions and centralized planning they are free to directly individualize education and maintain a closer and more productive relationship with parents rather than with third party patrons with dubious intentions like the The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Individualized education is the purview of parents and educators, not central planners, bureaucrats, or other third parties.


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